Premium coffee with a personal service

Service lies at the heart of Julius Meinl. Since 1862, we’ve been sourcing, innovating, and delighting customers and businesses with premium coffee, fine tea and more. Julius Meinl is a family company and the global ambassador for Viennese Coffee House Culture. We’ve passed all our passion, expertise and specialist knowledge down the generations to share with you today.

Julius Meinl coffee is enjoyed by 5 million people daily, and over 2 billion every year.

Sharing coffee and tea expertise

We don’t stop with services. Share our expertise.

Coffee has become a lifestyle choice. People’s tastes are growing ever more sophisticated and expectations in terms of flavour, presentation and authenticity are higher every day.

We can arrange bespoke training for your team, either at your coffee house, hotel or restaurant, or even at our Coffee and Tea Academy in Vienna. Given our long experience and expertise with over 40,000 customers worldwide, we’ll ensure you prepare and serve the perfect cup.

If you’d like to know more about the art of coffee and tea, take a moment to explore ..

Caring for our world

A sustainable future

We want to make the world a better place – in small but meaningful steps.

Having long been concerned with our social responsibility, Julius Meinl is now just as committed to respecting the natural environment around us.